Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS/ME Treatment

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When the time is right for you North West Fatigue Clinic is here to offer you evidence based treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS/ME, a very complex and misunderstood illness. At NWFC we have a great understanding CFS/ME and how it impacts on peoples’ every day lives. If you want to talk to someone that… Read more »

Inspiration…Lancashire Evening Post

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Please click on the link above to take a look at our recent article featured in the Lancashire Evening Post, hopefully it will give you some inspiration….‚Äč

Free ‘energy bubbles’ information

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Energy is used for every task that we complete, not just physical tasks like walking and gardening. Take a look at our ‘energy bubbles’ by clicking on the link, and find out how the energy that you do have, might be being used. Energy bubbles  

Free Activity Diary

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Please click on the link to get our free activity diary which can be printed for your own personal use. Either fill out the diary to give yourself an idea of where the energy that you do have is being spent, or fill out the diary before the week begins to plan your activities. Remember… Read more »