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The Initial Assessment

Prior to your assessment your GP will conduct a variety of blood/urine tests to investigate possible reasons for your fatigue.

For those querying a diagnosis of CFS/ME, these tests start the diagnostic process of elliminating causes for your fatigue.

Your initial assessment will be with 2 therapists who will discuss your medical history and current level of functioning, and assess what your specific needs are.

This will enable the therapists to ascertain whether you meet the diagnostic criteria for CFS/ME.

Following your assessment, and with your consent, a detailed report will be sent to your GP so that they can medically confirm your diagnosis; treatment recommendations will also be noted. 

If necessary, a report for your employer can be provided too.

At the end of the assessment we will discuss with you our findings and recommendations for treatment.

We will happily answer any of your questions and concerns, and explain the treatment options available to you.

The Assist Rehabilitation Programme




North West Fatigue Clinic has devised the ASSIST rehabilitation programme so that your Therapist can work in partnership with you to maximise your recovery, adapting the programme to meet your specific needs.During your therapy sessions you will gain an understanding of your fatigue and be taught how to APPLY evidence-based strategies to your everyday life.Together with your Therapist you will learn how to manage and reduce your symptoms, whilst increasing your tolerance to activities, enabling you to gradually ACHIEVE your desired goals.

tHe ASSIST rehabilitation programme EXPLAINED



Assessing your current symptoms, activity tolerance and associated challenges


Stabilising your condition before progress can begin




Individualising a rehabilitation programme for you to follow



Increasing your activities and your tolerance to them

UPPORT                              EMPLOYMENT &          EDUCATION

Supporting you through employment and education issues




Reviewing your progress and enabling your improvement to continue

some of our treatments


The therapist offering treatment for fatigue helps the person to manage their physical, cognitive or emotional symptoms through the use of activity. The person sets their own activity goals which are analysed by the therapist and graded to a level which is achievable, before gradually increasing the activities. This enables the person to improve, restore and/or maintain their level of functioning and well-being in all areas of their life.


In the treatment of fatigue,  pacing is used to enable a person to plan and monitor their activities in order to manage their energy levels. The intention is to balance activity with rest in order to avoid the exacerbation of fatigue and other symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioural therapy approach

A collaborative treatment approach that helps a person understand how thoughts and feelings can influence their behaviour. It is used to reduce the level of symptoms, disability and distress caused by the fatigue.

Although CBT is an evidence-based psychological therapy, that does not mean that CFS/ME is considered in any way to be a psychological illness.

rest period

A period of time when a person is awake but not engaged in any form of physical, cognitive or emotional activity. Rest periods are considered to be essential in the treatment and management of fatigue.

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