Welcome to North West Fatigue Clinic

We are a specialist service providing treatment and intervention for people suffering from fatigue. We specialise in treating people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS/ME, Cancer Related Fatigue and fatigue as a symptom of other medical conditions.

Following an initial assessment an experienced therapist will work with you to create an individualised programme based on your specific needs. The ASSIST programme, developed by North West Fatigue Clinic, encompasses all aspects of rehabilitation, in line with NICE guidelines, required to treat CFS/ME.

At North West Fatigue Clinic we understand that fatigue can be extremely debilitating and impact significantly on your life.                     Learn More

      Treatment Options

  • We provide an initial assessment with a Specialist Occupational Therapist & a Fatigue Therapist
  • We use effective evidence-based therapy to treat adults with CFS/ME or other fatigue problems where the underlying medical condition has been addressed.
  • We take into account individual needs and preferences and offer a supportive and collaborative relationship, which includes family and carers.
  • We deliver the treatment programme on either an individual and/or group basis within our consulting rooms. Length of sessions is dictated by individual need but maximum duration is 1 hour.
  • We can provide treatment sessions via telephone or Skype.
  • In certain circumstances we can provide home therapy.


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